Repairs and improvements

Repairs and improvements to your cabin require initial approval by the NPS and permits issued by Tulare County Resource Management Agency. If applicable, the NPS review may include review by the State Historic Preservation Office. Contact Denise Robertson with questions about the process.

Submit the Wilsonia Project Proposal Form when requesting approval for repairs or improvements to your cabin.

Please be aware that debris generated by cabin improvement projects is not allowed in the Wilsonia dumpsters or at the NPS dump and must be disposed of elsewhere.

Property owner passes

Property owners may obtain entry stickers for each of their vehicles. These stickers identify you as a property owner and allow you fee-free access to your cabin. Property owners with stickers may use the far right lane at the Big Stump entrance station; STOP and wait to be acknowledged by the Ranger staffing the station.

Provide this form and the requested documents at the Visitor Center or Big Stump Entry Station to obtain your vehicle sticker.

Property owner stickers do not allow you access to any other locations within the National Park or Forest. Wilsonians are encouraged to obtain a visitor pass to the National Park to recreate in National Park areas. Annual passes are available and lifetime passes are available for seniors.


We encourage each cabin owner (or primary cabin user) to become an active member of WVI by paying the annual membership dues. Dues are the primary source of revenue for WVI, and pay for the insurance, property taxes, maintenance and supplies for the Clubhouse. They also fund the garbage service and the cost of the newsletters and maintaining a website. Annual Dues are determined by the WVI board and are due in October for the upcoming calendar year.

To pay your dues online, visit our store. Please provide your cabin address with your payment, AND please fill out this owner contact information form.


Residents who have paid their annual dues are welcome to use the dumpsters. These are for household garbage/trash only. WVI is charged by volume. Please crush all boxes, and compact all trash as much as possible. Please help to provide space for the needs of all Wilsonians and help reduce our monthly bill. No ashes, building materials or yard waste are permissible.

Please recycle glass, plastic and aluminum food and beverage containers using the green recycle bin.

Dumpster service is seasonal (typically from mid May to mid October). Dumpsters are removed during the winter months.


There is a leash law within Wilsonia and the National Park. This means that a pet must have a visible restraint and be in the control of an individual. Electronic collars are not acceptable. This law applies to all pets. When walking your dogs, please clean up after them.

Pets that are allowed to run loose may scare off or harm wildlife and create a nuisance to other Wilsonians. Please secure your pets on your property.

The solitude most Wilsonians expect is destroyed by barking dogs. Owners must control their animals’ behavior, including excessive barking.

Lights and noise

Please be a considerate neighbor and limit noise and excessive outdoor lighting in the evening and overnight hours. Noise disturbs the solitude of others seeking a quiet retreat at their cabins. Excessive lighting pollutes the night sky and detracts from the abundant stars visible away from city lights.