Wilsonia is in a wilderness area that is at risk for wildfire. Fire safety precautions are critical for maintaining the village for future generations. View and download the Wilsonia Village Community Wildfire Protection Plan [PDF] for more information.

Emergency notifications

In the event of a fire, Wilsonia maintains a system to alert cabin owners of danger and pass along information about any evacuations. Please provide your current contact information.

Additionally, WVI and the NPS recommend that cabin owners sign up with the Tulare County emergency notification system at AlertTC.

Around your cabin

Cleaning up your yard before the dry season hits each summer is essential for fire safety. We encourage all cabin owners to get their property cleaned up by June 30 of each year. Follow the guidelines provided by the Wilsonia Fire Committee, NPS, Tulare County or other fire protection agencies to make your property FireSafe, including:

  • When possible, create a 30 foot defensible space around structures by removing pine needles, brush, branches and dead leaves.
  • Trim up ladder fuels around your structures.
  • Remove pine needles, leaves and other debris from your roof.  Remove tree branches overhanging your roof or that are within 10 feet of any chimney.
  • Cover your chimney and stovepipe outlets with a wire screen of ½ inch or smaller mesh.
  • Stack firewood and scrap woodpiles 30 feet away from structures when possible. All wood should be covered with a fire retardant tarp.
  • Make sure house numbers are readable from the street at all times. Reflective address signs can be ordered from our store.
  • If you have a campfire pit, consider having a metal fire ring and always keep the area around it clear of fuels. Have a shovel, hose or fire extinguisher ready for use if needed.
  • Make sure all campfires and barbecues are monitored at all times and extinguished completely before leaving your cabin or retiring for the night.
  • Additional information about clearances is available from CalFire.

Disposing of yard waste

Properly dispose of yard debris each early in the season by taking it to the NPS dump. A key to the dump is available at the KCNP Visitor Center. Only natural yard debris is allowed at the dump. No bags, lumber or household discards are allowed.

Burning of yard debris, except for in a small contained fire pit, is not allowed without a permit.

Yard waste is not allowed in the dumpsters.

Water tanks

Several large green water tanks are positioned around Wilsonia to provide water for firefighting operations. Do not ever block access to these tanks, as they will be used in case of a fire.

Fire lanes

Fire lanes are marked throughout the village. Please do not park vehicles so they impede traffic, especially along the marked fire lanes.

Inside your cabin

  • Smoke detectors should be installed in or near each sleeping area of your cabin.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors should also be installed in each building following current regulations and recommendations.
  • Check or replace the batteries in all detectors twice a year or at the beginning of each summer season.
  • Fire extinguishers save lives and property. Please have them available and know
    how to use them. Recharge or replace them annually.

Fire Information

The NPS maintains information about recent fires in the park here.