Wilsonia Village Inc. and the Wilsonia Historic District Trust in recent years have been working to develop a mutually beneficial partnership with the NPS. This partnership has been formally established in the form of the Wilsonia Advisory Team (WAT). The WAT is made up of members of WVI, WHDT,  the Sierra Masonic Family Club, and NPS representatives. The purpose of the team is to establish priorities from items of concern and develop work plans to  pursue actions and solutions to those areas of concern.

The mission of the Wilsonia Advisory Team is to cooperate, coordinate and collaborate with Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park and other agencies to preserve, interpret, and perpetuate into the future Wilsonia’s history, unique quality of life, and the cultural and natural resources that have been handed down over time. Our overarching goal is to continue to be good stewards of nature, wildlife and the environment, to preserve the cultural artifacts, social atmosphere and family histories that have characterized Wilsonia since 1918.

As specific action items are identified, they will be taken to the residents of Wilsonia via the three organizations, Newsletter and website for input before action is taken. You can consult minutes for past meetings here. The Team solicits recommendations, suggestions and input from the residents of Wilsonia.

This volunteer Team is only a representative for the elected and appointed boards that represent the majority of the Wilsonia property owners. This committee has been selected based on a combination of experience, subject matter expertise, availability and current position on their respective boards. The committee’s task is to explore options with the NPS that will help ensure the future of the private inholdings as stated in the committee’s Mission Statement on behalf of the organizations we represent and is not focused on any other specific item or goals. The committee will take all discussed proposals back to our representative organizations for discussion, edits, approval or rejection based on the feedback or majority vote of the property owners. In short, this means that the respective organizations and the property owners they represent make all decisions related to any proposed agreements that this committee explores with the NPS.

Gus Collin
Drew Sorensen
Richard Moss
Scott Edgerly
Lynn Simmons
Neal Mixter
Susan Doyle
Dutch Scholten


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