Wilsonia Winter Parking

Winter Parking in Wilsonia – PLEASE READ

Winter is here; as the snow begins to pile up, all roads except the northern section of Park Road will become inaccessible to vehicle traffic. Park Road (from the maintenance yard to Lilac Lane) essentially becomes a narrow access route and parking area for all Wilsonia residents and visitors. Weekend parking, as many of you have experienced, can be quite congested. Holidays have proven to be even worse. Here are some guidelines to help make winter parking and access to Wilsonia more comfortable.

Please park your vehicle perpendicular or diagonal to the road, backed in (with the front of the car sticking out) so there will be more parking available and less digging necessary to remove your vehicle.

Please be available to move your car as necessary for the snow removal equipment to come in and clear the road. This may involve moving all vehicles from one side of the parking area to the other during the course of the day. To expedite this we ask:

Post on your driver’s side dashboard or windshield the following info:

  • Your Name
  • Wilsonia address – street name and number
  • Cabin Phone number (if any)

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