New Year brings needed snow

Storms during the last two months of 2015 left a consistent foot or less of wet snow on the ground. The measure on January 3rd was just over 8". The system of storms hitting the west coast this week have taken the level to more than 24" so far. Let's hope and pray this is … Continue reading New Year brings needed snow


Evacuation Notice issued for the Rough Fire

As of 6:00 am on Thursday September 10, 2015, a mandatory evacuation order has been issued for Wilsonia and Grant Grove. Highway 180 is closed at Dunlap. The Generals Highway (198) is closed at the Red Fir Gate west of Wuksachi. Highway 245 is closed at Dry Creek. The latest park news release reports: An … Continue reading Evacuation Notice issued for the Rough Fire

Limited access to Wilsonia beginning 6am Saturday

Effective at 6am tomorrow (Saturday), access to Wilsonia and Grant Grove will be restricted. This is not an evacuation notice or warning, and there is still no direct fire threat to Wilsonia at this time. Visitors (meaning non-Wilsonians) will not be allowed to enter the area. Grant Grove facilities, including the Visitor Center and the … Continue reading Limited access to Wilsonia beginning 6am Saturday

Rough Fire Update – August 21

The status of the fire is relatively unchanged since our last update. Park officials remain very confident that Wilsonia is not in immediate danger, and praised the "donut" of defensible space around Wilsonia and Grant Grove. A back-burn ignited near Hume Lake yesterday has helped crews establish a more defensible space against the path of … Continue reading Rough Fire Update – August 21