NPS Clean-up Day in Wilsonia

Thanks once again to the local NPS crew for the fuel removal and clean-up job in  Wilsonia on Wednesday, June 24th. The crew, composed of the Kings Canyon Road Crew, The Grant Gove Fire Crew and the Arrowhead Hotshots all under the direction of Grant Grove Sub-District Ranger David Schifsky, removed 53 dumptruck loads of fuel from 19 NPS owned lots in Wilsonia. This is the third annual NPS clean-up day in Wilsonia. The NPS has the responsibilty for fuel removal on the federally owned plots of land in Wilsonia,  just as we, private property owners in Wilsonia, are responsible for clean-up and fuel removal on our land. Working together we can eliminate the downed trees, branches, and pine needles that are a potential wildfire fuel source, and help keep Wilsonia Fire Safe!


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