Tree Management for Forest Health Tour

Dear Wilsonia Residents

You are invited! The Fire Safe Committee is having a Tree Management for Forest Health tour this Saturday Aug 1st at 2pm. Terry Sander from Sierra Resource Conservation District will be in Wilsonia to conduct a tour and consult with cabin owners about managing the trees on their lots.

Terry was a logger for 10 years and has been a forester, working to reforest areas of the Sierras for many years. If you would like for him to give you a free consultation about the trees on you lot, please
email me or call me 559-269-4441 cell or 559-335-2493  cabin.

Everybody is invited, regardless if your cabin is on the tour or not.

You can check out the Sierra Resource Conservation District website

Sally Tripp
Wilsonia Fire Safe Committee Chair


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