Defensible Space Inspections 2009

from the Sept 2009  edition of the Wilsonia Times

Defensible Space Inspections 2009
by Michelle Puckett – NPS Fire Prevention/Education Tech

Inspections of Wilsonia’s cabins and lots are near completion.  With only six cabins left to inspect, I would like to thank you all for your hard work towards making your cabins fire safe!  I would like to remind you again that creating defensible space is one way to help make your cabin fire safe, but maintaining your defensible space is essential.

Before you close your cabins up for the winter, please make sure you have removed the dead and dying woody surface fuels from around your cabin and cleared all vegetation from your roof.  By maintaining a good defensible space around your cabin you can help keep it safe for years to come.  It is not if a wildfire will strike, it is when a wildfire will strike.

To keep up to date with all fires in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks visit:
this NPS website
Thank you again for all your hard work!

Reminder: Take your natural yard waste (no bags or trash) to the Park Slash Pile (Dump).
Check out a key at the Visitor Center.


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