May has arrived

Memorial Day weekend, just 4 weeks away, will kick off the 2010 Wilsonia season. Still quite a bit of snow on the ground, we’ll see how much remains at the end of the month. Regardless, we plan on opening the Clubhouse and having an afternoon meeting and an evening potluck – please attend either or both if you are able.

The May edition of the Wilsonia Times is now available here and will be hitting your email inboxes or postal mailboxes in the next day or two. Current and past issues of the Wilsonia Times are also available on the download page.


One thought on “May has arrived

  1. I went up for a short visit on May 1st to see how the conditions were at Wilsonia. The parking lot was nearly empty and the snow at its greatest height was 6 feet, up to the rafters of my cabin. It should be very interesting to see how fast the snow melts. I’m always amazed. A tree seems to have fallen across Hazel Lane. The snow depth made it easy to cross on foot. The Clubhouse is completely covered in snow.

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