Fire Safe Clean-up / Defensible Space Inspections

From the August 2010 Wilsonia Times

Hello! My name is Georgia Etter and I am the defensible space inspector for the Wilsonia area. I have inspected a little less than a quarter of the cabins in Wilsonia and I would like to thank all of you for doing a great job keeping your cabins and property fire safe. During the next couple of weeks, you will see me in the area completing defensible space inspections as well as giving residents feedback.

Here are a few reminders on what I am looking at to keep your home fire safe:

Within 30 feet of your structure (or to the property line) – trees trimmed at least 10 feet from other trees and structures and 6 feet from the ground, all dead and dying vegetation removed, and low-level vegetation trimmed low to the ground.

All woodpiles moved 30 feet from all structures. If that is not feasible, consider covering your pile with a fire resistant tarp.

Dead and dying vegetation removed from all structures as well as a screen on the chimney or stovepipe outlet.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call
(559) 565-4287 or email


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