July 4th Weekend Activities

There are lots of activities planned for this next weekend, beginning with the Independence Day Parade on Friday morning at 11 am. The annual Ice Cream Social is at 1:30 pm – come over to the Clubhouse for Ice Cream with lots of great toppings and a fun, social time. Friday evening at 7:30, Steve Stocking presents “The Giant Sequoias of Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park. Join Steve again at 10 on Saturday morning for a leisurely Wildflower-Nature Walk around the Village. This is your chance to learn the names of some of the Wildflowers and other flora native to our area. Bring your camera.

Saturday afternoon and into the evening, is the Wilsonia Silent Auction. Come on over to the Clubhouse beginning at 1 pm to peruse the items up for bid, and get involved in the action. The Auction closes (in stages) during the hour from 7-8 pm, after the 6pm potluck. On Friday, during the Ice Cream Social and again during the Auction, Jana Botkin will be pre-selling her book: “Cabins of Wilsonia” – check out her blog.

Read about the latest news and events in the current edition of the WilsoniaTimes.


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