Wilsonia Advisory Team Update – Dec. 2014

The Wilsonia Advisory Team (WAT) has been meeting on a regular basis to identify the needs of Wilsonia that will benefit the enjoyment, stability, and long-term existence of Wilsonia Village. The first goals of the team are to establish an agreement for a working relationship with the NPS and the development of a list of action items. One of the first action items identified was the creation of guidelines that will ensure the historic status of Wilsonia. As outlined in the last newsletter, architectural guidelines that are unique to Wilsonia and that address the eclectic nature of the contributing structures will serve to streamline the building permit process, and will guide Tulare County and the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) in determining what is appropriate for Wilsonia. The development of these guidelines is ongoing and will be done with the input of all of Wilsonia and under the guidance of the Historic Resources Group (HRG), a consultant to the WHDT. HRG, along with representatives of WAT, will present the guidelines to SHPO for approval. Prior to submission, the guidelines will be available to cabin owners for review and recommendation.


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