Rough Fire Information

As of Tuesday evening, these are the latest updates from the NPS and Forest Service about the Rough Fire:

Current status:
The fire has crossed Highway 180 east of Yucca Point.
Highway 180 is closed east of the Grant Tree turn-off by NPS law enforcement. State and County law enforcement have the closure on 10 Mile Road.
Hume Lake has been evacuated for non-essential personnel as a precaution.

Air quality:
While there is no air quality monitoring station in the Grant Grove area, air quality in Wilsonia is likely unhealthy for all groups due to smoke. People who are sensitive to smoke, including those with COPD or other respiratory illnesses, should consider leaving the area. Wilsonia summer residents report that the smoke is generally thick in the early morning but has been clearing out by late morning.

Managing the fire:
The plan is to push the fire to the southeast of Hume Lake.
The NPS, USFS and Cal Fire have dramatically increased the manpower dedicated to this event.
Air attack and fixed-wing aircraft are on the scene. Additional air support is being dedicated to the fire.
According to the NPS Fire Management Officer, there is no current threat to the Wilsonia-Grant Grove area for several reasons:

  • Previous fires between Hume and Park Ridge have cleared fuel from that zone, so there is less fuel in that area compared to the active fire areas.
  • Prescribed burns have been conducted in a buffer zone (a donut) around Grant Grove and Wilsonia over the last 10-15 years to reduce fuels and mitigate the chances of wildfire entering the area from outside.
  • Topography makes it less likely that the fire will advance to the Wilsonia-Grant Grove area

However, the extreme dryness of the fuels in this third year of very low precipitation means that fires are less predictable than usual. Mountain residents are encouraged to always be prepared for wildfire and ready to evacuate and take medications, important papers, and any other items of special value with them.

What you can do:
Be prepared in the event of an evacuation. Take medications, important papers, and sentimental items with you.
Follow the Wilsonia Facebook page for additional updates:
A hotline has been set up for questions about the fire at (559) 305-7682.
Get further updates about the Rough Fire at
For details on how to prepare for wildfire, the NPS recommends that you visit the Ready, Set, Go website at

Thanks to John Ziegler, Mike Theune, and Chuck Burgin for sharing this information.


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