Limited access to Wilsonia beginning 6am Saturday

Effective at 6am tomorrow (Saturday), access to Wilsonia and Grant Grove will be restricted. This is not an evacuation notice or warning, and there is still no direct fire threat to Wilsonia at this time.

Visitors (meaning non-Wilsonians) will not be allowed to enter the area. Grant Grove facilities, including the Visitor Center and the Post Office, are temporarily closed.

This restriction is primarily due to concerns about air quality from smoke, not fire risk. Air quality in the village has been ranging from “very unhealthy” to “hazardous,” and the park recommends that Wilsonians avoid exposing themselves to these risks.

Prohibiting access by non-Wilsonians will keep visitors, rubberneckers and other nosy people from blocking traffic, impeding fire crews, and unnecessarily exposing themselves to the unhealthy air quality.

If you choose to go to your cabin after the restrictions begin, tell the ranger at the entrance station that you are going to your cabin in Wilsonia. You will be given a special permit which will allow you to access your cabin, but not other areas of the park. When you leave, secure your cabin in the event that you are unable to return for an extended period.

Notices about the limited access have been posted in Wilsonia this evening.


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