Rough Fire update – August 23 (good news!)

Very happy to report that things are looking up in Wilsonia!

Park and fire officials today were optimistic that the threat to Wilsonia from the Rough Fire has lessened. (We were never in immediate danger, but our fire risk is even lower than it was a day or two ago.) The areas of the south flank of the fire that were the biggest threat to Grant Grove and Wilsonia are being controlled. The fire is still growing, but it is moving in directions that don’t really affect Wilsonia.

The fire is far from contained, but we are in much less danger.

An NPS press release late this afternoon indicated Grant Grove facilities will reopen in stages over Monday and Tuesday. Wilsonia will reopen to visitor access Monday morning.

Air quality is still unhealthy, especially overnight, though residents who were in the village this afternoon report that it seemed much better today.

Thanks to the firefighters for their hard work to keep the fire away from Hume Lake, Grant Grove and Wilsonia.


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